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About the Stylist

Ruth A. Nathan is a self taught Hair Stylist based in the Maryland area. Her desire to style hair started when she was young—playing with her doll babies and even her own hair—due to being tender headed. This hobby became a serious passion of hers. Family and friends trusted her to braid their hair, which then turned into sew-ins and custom units. She was practicing all of these techniques on herself and others, and when it was time for College, she decided to let people know she did hair, at a very affordable price (you know, college students). Many were coming left and right for her services, which was a blessing in disguise. In August 2013 someone asked Ruth if she could style their hair for their wedding. This was a new avenue of styling for her, so she was unsure if she could—but she persevered. Through her faith and encouragement from others, she has been able to achieve what seems to be the impossible. 


Ruth specializes in hairstyling for bridal, special events, photoshoots, as well every day wear (sew-ins and custom units). Ruth believes that her clients should receive a complete experience while behind the chair. She also believes that women should leave encouraged and motivated to pursue all that God has called them to do. Ruth not only has a passion for hair, but has an educational and work experience in healthcare administration and mental health and wellness field. She endeavors to share her story, uplift others and challenge the status quo, all by the grace of God. Ruth understands that she is still growing daily and is willing to learn more skills and techniques, in order to continue growing in the hair industry.


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